Cythereal is the leader in predicting and preventing advanced malware attacks

What Do We Do?

Security Automation for the Overwhelmed Administrator



Cythereal automates investigations of failed attacks and uses AI to identify and track persistent campaigns by the same threat actor.


Cythereal automatically identifies the most dangerous campaigns and predicts the ones most likely to succeed.


Cythereal automatically generates custom IoCs and custom signatures to prevent those campaigns from succeeding.

How Do We Do It?

Malware carries the attacker’s secrets. We turn it into actionable intelligence.

Cybersecurity Asymmetry

Cybersecurity offense-defense have an asymmetry that disadvantages defense. Current cyber defenses are generic, whereas attacks are specialized.

Attacker's Achilles Heel

Cyber attackers have an Achilles Heel too. Economics of malware development forces reuse of code. The reused code provides intelligence to connect attacks and actors.

Cythereal Advantage

We automatically transform code shared between malware into Yara rules for hunting variants of the same, and even other, malware families.

How is the Service Deployed?

Cythereal MAGIC is a fully web-based service that does not integrate with or interfere with an enterprise’s business or operations network.

All Cloud Integration

Cythereal does NOT introduce any agent or network device within the enterprise. We communicate only with your existing security services using their API.


Ingest from Security Products

Cythereal ingests data from Email Security, Web Security, Anti-malware, and  prevention products using the authorized credentials from the enterprise.


Output to Security Products

Cythereal sends IoCs and signatures directly to enterprises’ prevention and detection security products, with information alerts and reports to administrator.

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MAGIC predicts malware evolution

“Working with Cythereal, we have developed systems that identify malware families, determine the lineage of each family, and predict the future evolution of a family. These systems require a deep understanding of the common characteristics shared by different members of the same family so that we can identify them as all belonging to a common family. Traditional features such as n-grams of code don’t provide this understanding, because they can easily be changed by a malware author. Cythereal’s Malware Genome concept solves this problem by identifying core characteristics of malware that don’t change when the code changes. The Malware Genome is robust to many kinds of code transformations, such as those performed by polymorphic malware. Our tests have shown that our methods are significantly more accurate using [Cythereal’s] malware genome than using raw code.” 

~Dr. Avi Pfeffer, Principal Scientist | Charles River Analytics

MAGIC extracts malware secrets

“Over the past three years, I have used MAGIC for the identification of Zeus and Citadel malware, the extraction of malware secrets, and the identification of inlined functions. I am amazed by its power.”

~Paul Black, Researcher, Internet Commerce Security Lab | Melbourne, Australia

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