Origin Of Our Name

The Ether of Cyberspace is Logic.

About Our Name

Our Name

Syllables: Cy·the·re·al
Cythereal = Cyber + ether + ethereal.

Ether is a solvent. It is also the name of the hypothetical medium that fills all unoccupied spaces. Ethereal is the something mysterious, dream like, and even hauntingly gorgeous.

The Ether of the Cyberspace is Logic. The stream of bits floating in Cyberspace are tied together with logic. Logic is also a solvent, distilling ideas, and bringing out their essence. Logic can be mysterious, dream-like, and haunting.

Cythereal uses logic to distill malware, and reveal its mysterious form. The logic used by Cythereal is, if we say so ourselves, mysterious and hauntingly gorgeous.

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